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Why a Spine Adjustment Could Help After a Motor Vehicle Accident

A back adjustment in Ottawa can be beneficial as part of your rehabilitation plan after a motor vehicle accident. 

After a car accident, damage and injury to your back, neck, or spine can have long-term, lifetime complications. What may seem to be just a simple ache could turn into a chronic condition down the road if left untreated. This is why it is important to seek medical help as soon as possible after a MVC, because the time left untreated can mean a longer recovery. 

Why is the spine a target during car accidents?

Your spine has connections to almost every part of your body in some way. Every muscle, ligament, bone, and brain can all be traced back to the spine. Your spine is strong and flexible – it needs to be in order to allow your body to move freely as it does. 

The cervical spine (the neck) and the lower back (lumbar) are the two most delicate parts of your spine. They connect to each other through the spinal cord, which sends signals through vertebral segments to control the rest of your body. 

Damage to the cervical spine when your head is quickly thrashed forward and back while in a collision is known as whiplash. This movement may not be considered important, however, whiplash is considered a SERIOUS injury as it will hurt your tendons, muscles, disc, and nerves, which connect to the rest of your back. 

Forcibly bending and twisting beyond the body’s ability during a motor vehicle accident can lead to serious injury in the lower back. Other damage can occur when intense force is brought upon the lower back (when your car is hit from behind). This can send your body out of whack. Damage to the lumbar, especially the discs in your lower back, can lead to a multitude of complications. The pain from a herniated disc won’t just go away with bed rest. 

It’s almost impossible for your back to readjust itself back to normal after a car accident. Surgery is sometimes an option in extreme cases, but this can be invasive and lead to more complications if not completely necessary. Having your back readjusted, as well as having other chiropractic techniques used as part of your recovery from a motor vehicle accident, can ease pain, realign discs back into place, take pressure off of muscles and ligaments so they can heal properly, and allow your spine to find its rightful place – supporting your entire back and body. 

Tandem HD considers itself one of the best practitioners in Ottawa to support your motor vehicle accident recovery. Our team of dedicated doctors are experienced in aiding collision injury patients through the rehabilitation process. If you’ve been in a motor vehicle accident in the Ottawa area, reach out for a conversation with a member of our team now so we can have you start feeling back to normal as soon as possible.