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Your Benefits After a Motor Vehicle Accident

Contrary to how you may feel after a car accident, not every collision can be avoided. This is why they’re called “accidents.” Regardless of whether you were going the speed limit, paying attention to signs, and keeping your eyes on the road, motor vehicle accidents just happen.

There were almost 19,000 MVC (motor vehicle collisions) in Ottawa in 2019 – an increase of 16%. When you’ve been in an accident, especially one that was not your fault or for which you sustained injuries, you may have rights to specific compensation and care. This is why it’s important to seek medical help as soon as possible after an MVC, speak with your doctor, insurance company, and other necessary contacts, and keep a paper record of your rehab process.

Seeking A Claim After a Motor Vehicle Accident

After a motor vehicle accident in Ottawa, you may have the right to claim against the other at-fault driver for:
Loss of work/income
Loss of enjoyment of life
Pain and suffering
Costs of care and rehabilitation
Other expenses

In most situations when claiming compensation for pain and suffering, damages, and costs of care, there is a need for the injury to be serious, require in-depth rehabilitation, and, in some cases, be permanent. You must also show proof of injury, proof of care costs, and more. Speak to a lawyer if you believe you may be entitled to some form of compensation.

Tandem emphasizes the importance of seeking medical help immediately after a motor vehicle accident in the Ottawa area. Whether or not you may feel “fine” in the short time following a collision, chronic issues, pain, and even broken and fractured bones can appear later on. Seeking emergency care and keeping a paper record of your expenses and injuries will aid in the process of your claim. Of course, a lawyer is your best form of contact to find out your exact rights.
Care Available After a Motor Vehicle Collision
Don’t expect or feel stressed that you will have to pay all your medical care and rehabilitation expenses out of your own pocket. After an accident, you will receive emergency care if needed as part of your OHIP. Rehabilitation, to a certain extent, will also be covered through your Ontario provincial health plan. Although OHIP does not cover everything, you may still be entitled to compensation from your insurance company.

When we say insurance, we don’t just mean a health plan you may have with your employer. Your car insurance may also include accident benefits as part of your policy. It’s important to speak with your insurance provider to find out where you may be covered.

Your insurance will be able to provide you with the care and insurance available to you based on the severity of your injuries as well as other factors. Coverage can include up to thousands of dollars of expenses related to attendant benefits, rehabilitation and medical costs, housekeeping benefits, and more. Tandem will work with your insurance on your behalf to find the best path of care based on your benefits.

If you have any questions about your rehabilitation and to find out how we can build a treatment plan that works for you and gets your care started as soon as possible, reach out to the team at Tandem HD.

Motor Vehicle Accident Rehabilitation

There is no one perfect rehabilitation plan after a motor vehicle accident. Injuries can vary from slight back pain to broken bones and loss of mobility. It’s important, before setting up a car accident recovery plan, that you speak with multiple health and care practitioners to find the best options for gaining back your health.

Tandem HD provides the highest standard of healthcare. While we are located in the Ottawa area, our mobile practice brings your motor vehicle accident recovery and therapy to your home. We will work with you to set up a recovery and rehabilitation plan that works with your schedule and your healing abilities. The sooner you start your chiropractic or other necessary therapies, the speedier the recovery and the less likely more chronic issues will arise.
What Can I Expect from Motor Vehicle (MV) Rehabilitation?
Tandem HD’s team provides each patient with effective communication and a rehabilitation plan that meets their needs. We provide care to motor vehicle accident injuries in the Ottawa area within multiple areas, including:

Chiropractic Therapy
Manual Therapies
Physical rehabilitation
And more…

We treat injuries and pain from whiplash, neck pain, back pain, loss of mobility, and other common issues.

The Ottawa team at Tandem knows the importance of starting a rehabilitation regime as soon as possible. That’s why we work to get your treatment plan started immediately. We work with multiple insurance companies and provide a standard of care we would want to receive ourselves. You shouldn’t be worrying about how you’re going to heal, instead, let us take care of that part.

After reaching out to Tandem, you can expect only the best experience as you recover from your motor vehicle accident.

You will receive an assessment and in-depth conversation with an experienced and dedicated practitioner to pinpoint where the source of the pain is, any other issues, and how we can best recommend a plan of recovery.

Choosing to work with a qualified practitioner after an accident may prevent the need for invasive techniques such as surgery and will reduce the need for pain medications that only mask the underlying problems.
Contact Tandem HD as part of your Ottawa motor vehicle accident rehabilitation.

If you’ve been in a motor vehicle accident in Ottawa, Tandem is here for you. Trust our team of doctors from a wide array of backgrounds and reputable educations. We will work with you, your doctor, and the rest of your rehabilitation team to ensure you regain your health and freedom as soon as possible after a car accident. Reach out for a conversation today so you can start feeling better tomorrow.

Why a Spine Adjustment Could Help After a Motor Vehicle Accident

A back adjustment in Ottawa can be beneficial as part of your rehabilitation plan after a motor vehicle accident. 

After a car accident, damage and injury to your back, neck, or spine can have long-term, lifetime complications. What may seem to be just a simple ache could turn into a chronic condition down the road if left untreated. This is why it is important to seek medical help as soon as possible after a MVC, because the time left untreated can mean a longer recovery. 

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